Nature morte photo

The indecisive moment

« Steve Drevet and Romaric Mandelblat have become masters of an art to
catch this moment undecided and to play with reality
. » 

  C. Betty, Editor-in-Chief of  the magazine Terres Catalanes

"We create our images as painters  without any reworking through software or digital processing". 

"We create our images as painters - without any reworking through software or digital processing. »

Our photographs are inspired by the great masters of painting - from the Renaissance to the experimental painting of modernity.

Our intention is to bring the viewer into a state of confusion between painting and photography. We seek the hesitation of the viewer's view, the commuting between two worlds, not knowing what he is looking at and seized by his emotional confusion.

In the studio, behind the camera, we capture the image - at the moment when we are involved in this confusion, in the balance between painting and photography.

This moment of hesitation we have called "l'instant indécis" ( the indecisive moment), a reverse word play of the concept of Henri Cartier-Bresson "the decisive moment".

Our work is based on the respect of certain rules of ancient and modern masters of painting. Although there are no longer actual rules in contemporary painting... Light, composition, harmony of colours, attitudes are just as decisive as technical constraints. These allow the liberation of the pointed elements (fruit, fish, objects) , ... or figures).

You can invite the viewer of a photo to meditate, to a form of quiet contemplation, to dreaming, even to hallucination or vision. Our intention is not to reproduce pictures, but rather to study styles, the sensitivity of the great painters, their kind of  working and to cross them with our personal visions.

It is a perilous, complex exercise, humble  because you are naturally tempted to "copy the other", or to express too much of yourself .It is style, on the one hand, to penetrate into the world of the painter and at the same time separate from it.

We work with the objects of an epoche or reproductions of accessories to enhance the illusion of a painting.


The backgrounds, the tables, the stage images are invented for each picture, but always in accordance with the elements that are present in the picture.

Somehow we want the illusion hundred percent to be genuine. It is a work marked by patience, experimenting,  doubts, which prefers consideration and also  investigation. The choice of elements and products is also very important.

We prefer the rustic and authentic products.

We always buy from local producers who are involved in this approach.

A tomato that resembles a plastic toy or looks like popped fruit is always removed, because it is about placing the viewers of the image in the atmosphere of the 18th century.

Like a cook, we create our preparations. This can be seen as "slowfood", which is the reversal of "fast food".



                                                                                      S. Drevet et R. Mandelblat.